VISUALIZE A Digital Media Specialist


My name is David Johnson and I am a broadcast and digital media professional.

Currently living in LA with my lovely fiance, both of us work in the media field. I have always loved production, I love telling interesting stories, I love creating unique videos, and I love working in a field where I can be creative everyday. That said I have a constant desire to grow and learn. It is this desire that makes me always want to better myself and my craft.

I have worked on shows shown on CBS, ABC, & the CW. I have worked studio productions, live sports, commercial projects, and a slew of videography and editing jobs. I have created projects on all main editing software including; Final Cut 7/X, Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer. When working with video, I can compose a shot, utilize 3 point lighting, and acquire a professional clean audio feed.

If you are looking for an individual who can think about the whole situation from creation to completion, then I am the person for you. Please take a second to review this website for my resume, portfolio, and references.

Resume on website is a little behind. Current work can be found on my IMDB account